On the night of May 7th, just hours before his execution,

Michael Mallin, who had commanded the Citizen Army at

Stephen's Green, wrote to his wife of how he had passed their

house, a few hundred yards from Kilmainham gaol, as he was

being led from Richmond Barracks to his final destination.

He hoped to catch sight of his "darling Wife Pulse of my heart"

or their four young children.

"The only one of my household that I could cast my longing

Eyes on was poor Prinnie the dog she looked so faithfull (sic)

there at the door . . . I am so cold this has been a such a cruel


Mallin tried to keep up a brave front, but the reality of

impending death, and of his departure from his wife and

children shattered him: "My heartstrings are torn to pieces

when I think of you and them of our manly James happy go

lucky John shy warm Una dadys (sic) Girl and oh little Joseph

my little man my little man Wife dear Wife I cannot keep the

tears back when I think of him he will rest in my arms no more. . .my little man my little man my little man, his name unnerves me again all your dear faces arise before me God bless you God bless you my darlings . . ."