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As the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising nears an end, the commemorations throughout Ireland are being wound down, you still have a chance to possess a unique and lasting memento of this historic commemoration.  These high quality finish Easter  Rising   Commemorative coins Medallions  will make the perfect gift for anyone even remotely interested in Ireland and it's history.

Displayed on one side are the seven signatories of the Proclamation.

On the other side is the first few lines of that Proclamation.  The text is small we agree but given the limitations of the space available we feel this will be appreciated.
Please choose one of the following Easter Rising Centenary Commemorative Coins medallions. Just click on the photo of the one you wish to purchase.

NEW: Limited Edition Box-Set (all three) Only 999 being made!

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Diameter   of   all    commemorative coins medallions:     50mm       Thickness:   3.5mm

Limited Edition Box Set
Old price 115.00 €
57.50 € *
Silver Plated Easter Rising  Medallion
Old price 29.99 €
14.99 € *
Bronze  Easter Rising Centenary Coin
Old price 22.99 €
11.49 € *
Gold Plated 1916  Rising Commemorative Medallion
Old price 39.99 €
19.99 € *
Presentation Boxes.
6.50 € *
James Connolly Print
From 20.00 € *
Joseph Plunkett
From 20.00 € *

Delivery Not Included